About Us

I am Justin Hill, President of Hillco Enterprises, Inc.  I was born and raised on a farm outside of Platte City, MO.  I would not have had it any other way.  Growing up on a farm taught me what hard work and determination was all about.  From a young age I watched as my dad and grandpa, who were both self employed, took pride in their work and they had a sense of accomplishment in what they did every day.  That gave me the aspiration to do something that I love, too.   I started out at a young age with just one walk behind mower and one truck.  Things quickly grew from there. Today, we have multiple crews to service all of your landscape needs.


Myself and my team are committed to providing the best for our customers.  We strive in customer satisfaction and delivering what we promise.  We believe that communication is the key.  Not only between myself and employees but also with our customers.  We have the staff and experience needed to deliver top quality service.  Not every property or customer is the same.  With that being said, we promise to meet, match and exceed your expectations.  Only the best materials and equipment are used to get your job done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.  We are continually looking for better ways to improve ourselves and our business by attending seminars on the industry covering everything from safety, training, growth and customer service.  If you are looking for a premier landscape provider, please contact us today.

Hillco Enterprises specializes in all of your landscaping needs. Some of our services include:

Landscape Maintenance
Fertilization Program
Drainage Solutions
Commercial Snow Removal

Please view a full list of our services and contact us with any questions!